Dec 22, 2003

so its christmas break! WOW! ive been waiting for this since forever. time to relax and enjoy my two week break as much as i can. i got a lot to look forward to this winter break. a lot of good times ( i hope). i threw a small christmas p on saturday. the turnout was cool. it wasnt like OMG the best party ever but cause my friends were there and stuff it was bad ass. there was a shitload of gifts under my tree. it was nice opening and giving gifts. ill post up pictures ASAP as soon as i get a hold of them. as far as everything else goes...

im now on friendster and
friendster sucks, so don't add me there. go to
its a lot faster and yeah.. it speaks for itself. if u wanna add
me and it asks for my email addy or something write down

alrite kids. lates!


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Dec 11, 2003

so christmas is coming up. wow! this year has past by really damn fast. its pretty scary. anyways, i went christmas shopping a little with vanessa m today. spent 33 bucks! what a bargain. haha. i had to miss my friends soccer game again today which is a bummer, because i promised them that i would go to their games. hopefully theres another one coming soon to make it up to them. i have a song stuck in my head by saosin. its called mookies last christmas. if you havent heard it, your missing out on some great music! hhmm..ive got nothing else to say

bye kiddss!!

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hey!! well thats it.


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