Entry: winterbreak Dec 22, 2003

so its christmas break! WOW! ive been waiting for this since forever. time to relax and enjoy my two week break as much as i can. i got a lot to look forward to this winter break. a lot of good times ( i hope). i threw a small christmas p on saturday. the turnout was cool. it wasnt like OMG the best party ever but cause my friends were there and stuff it was bad ass. there was a shitload of gifts under my tree. it was nice opening and giving gifts. ill post up pictures ASAP as soon as i get a hold of them. as far as everything else goes...

im now on friendster and myspace.com.
friendster sucks, so don't add me there. go to myspace.com.
its a lot faster and yeah.. it speaks for itself. if u wanna add
me and it asks for my email addy or something write down

alrite kids. lates!



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